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Currently, Facebook is allowing the freedom to develop content that individuals and small businesses can use to make sales. So how a fanpage will be interested by many people (Follow) and evaluated to help increase fanpage likes effectively and sell more orders. When you post product images, brand videos posted on fanpage with more views and interactions, it also means that your ads will be displayed more and more and the conversion rate to orders will also be higher. 

That’s the importance of increasing likes and buffing fanpage, so how to make fanpage have more likes and followers? Please read the article below. Instructions to increase likes on facebook fanpage

What is Buff like, Buff follow fan page?

Buff like page is to use the optimized price advertising but still KEEP SAFE FOR FANPAGE to increase the number of likes and follow from real users actively. With the buff like page method, you will achieve the desired number of quality likes in a short time.

When using this service to increase page likes, the page follower will also automatically increase, in the true sense of 2 in 1. If the fanpage does not have a like button but only a follow button, we’ll support for both.

Why is it necessary to increase likes, increase follow for fanpage?

Benefits of increasing fanpage likes

Increase interaction

Pages with many followers like high when you post content, the algorithm automatically notifies the following accounts and also displays on their news feed to increase engagement for the content you share. Fb is tightening, so accounts are squeezed to interact quite a lot, if you want to keep the page’s level of interaction stable, using the buff like service, buff follow page is very necessary.

When the page has quality likes and followers every time you introduce a product to the page to attract more people, you should buff share into the group so that the article shared in the same industry groups can appear a lot on the message board. to reach a wide range of customers.

Increase prestige

When your page has many followers, each post has many likes, comments and reviews, your page will naturally become prestigious in the eyes of customers, the tendency of customers to always look for businesses that have many people follow, give good reviews, or update new products with incentives. If you notice that selling online on Facebook is highly effective, you need a page with a large number of likes and followers. Just as if you want customers to be willing to pay for the service or product you provide, you should combine Facebook comment buffs to increase their trust.

Recommend content

In order for articles and product videos to reach more customers, one of the top factors is the ranking position, although it is not the most important factor nor does it affect much, but this is one of the most important factors. indispensable index. In addition, you can learn more about other services of AppBuffLike to serve to promote your brand to many customers such as: buff view, buff share, livestream eye buff…

How to increase followers on Facebook Fanpage

Invite users to like and follow your page

Want others to follow your page? Don’t forget Facebook has the function to invite your friends to like that Facebook page. This function may sound inefficient, but it can be surprisingly effective. Be wise in your “invitations,” by limiting the number of friends you invite. You need to choose the object of friends to be invited. They have to really connect with the target audience that your business is targeting.

Create viral content

Another way to increase user engagement is to use viral content. The content must be related to the business / message you want to convey, it is suitable for the target audience.

Engage more with customers

Interacting with customers is not only a part of customer care, it is broader, helping businesses build sustainable and long-term relationships with target customers.

Using BuffProfit services

Buff Profit is a service that specializes in optimizing CPC / CPM ads but still does not violate the policies of advertising distributors Facebook, Google, … in order to bring real users to interact with customer accounts.


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