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When sharing a video or image with many comments, proves that the article is noticed by many people. For sales businesses, articles with many good reviews will help increase credibility. Since then, increasing natural comments is a pretty “hot” need today, helping to increase trust in the message you want to share, thereby promoting the rate of “single out” if you want to do business, or Enhance your personal brand if you aim to be a certain influencer on social media.

What is a Buff comments Facebook ?

Increase article comments is a feature that supports increasing articles with many comments, which can be comment by real users according to the content you want. This is the number of natural user interactions on an individual’s post or a fanpage. The promotion of seeding this facebook comment will help viewers of the article to have more trust, empathy, and agreement with the issue you are talking about. From there, it helps to increase the closing rate of orders, especially for small businesses. Having a lot of quality comments, you can buff like facebook comments to increase interaction, attract customers, increase brand reputation.

Why need to increase Facebook comments ?

Whether you are selling through a personal account or selling through fanpage or any social networking platform, the post has many comments will be very important for sales if it is product reviews and comments. Especially in the 4.0 era, online shopping is no longer strange. Therefore, if you sell goods on facebook, your post has hundreds of likes but only 1-2 comments asking for a purchase, then it will be difficult for consumers to trust your product. So you need to find a way to hack the fb cmt for your posts to create credibility.

Increase order rate

Livestreams or promotional posts when buffing Facebook comments themselves will help increase the credibility of that post, showing that products many people have used customers will feel more secure when a post has a lot of comments ordering or rating. Good price on the product. If your post has a lot of likes but few comments, it will not have credibility, reducing the ability to order. Therefore, hacking facebook comments is a necessary factor to increase the rate of orders to generate revenue for businesses.

Increase interaction

You can make outstanding comment scripts and use AppBuffLike’s auto cmt service to increase interaction, each comment system will use a different nick to help the post look the most natural. The fb comment buff must be linked with many other factors such as: buff like posts, post share buffs to become the most perfect and bring high efficiency.

Recommend content

Comments are one of the ranking factors in Facebook’s recommendation algorithm, whether your video or article content is recommended or not depends on many factors such as likes, views, shares…and many comments. This is one of the indispensable factors to push the article to appear more. Buff commenting will help you achieve the number of comments, making the content much easier to recommend.

Where should I hire a service to increase Facebook comments?

There are many services online, you just need to search on Google with the keyword “Buff comments Facebook” will bring up a lot of results, but be careful because many scam services or use BOTs with extremely low costs. but poor quality leads to dead page, blocked by Facebook for violating rules.
But don’t worry, because Buff Profit can help you increase Facebook comments for safe by real users, if You’re detect using BOT or clone account we will give you back x300, this is serious.
Buff Profit has a system to optimize advertising prices, and has many traffic sources from social networks, websites, blogs … and can provide millions of interactions per day on many different platforms.


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