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As you know, people tend to buy according to the crowd effect. So having a livestream with many eyes will be an advantage to help you attract more viewers to receive more shares and attract more potential customers. Knowing this important point, have you chosen which livestream eye buff service to increase brand reputation and the most effective closing rate today? Let’s find out in the following article.

What is TikTok Livestream?

Livestreaming TikTok is similar to livestreaming on other accounts. When livestreaming, users will go live to chat and interact with viewers. You can livestream TikTok to increase channel interest, livestream to sell directly on TikTok channel.

Why should you buff your eyes on TikTok livestream

Reach more people

The more TikTok livestream eyes increase, the more your livestream will have a high coverage for your target audience. You should incorporate the tiktok share buff in the eye buff process to get more viewers to help your product become more known, you can entice people from other social media platforms to watch your live,1 live Having many eyes will stimulate the curiosity of the crowd and increase the purchase rate of your livestream.

Increase video recommendations

If your TikTok livestream owns a huge amount of views, TikTok will understand that this is a video that is being interested by many people. customers…, this platform will put videos on recommendations, your livestream videos will be viewed by more and more people

Increase the probability of receiving gifts

If your livestream is interesting to viewers, it is likely that users will give you gifts. With these gifts, you can accumulate and convert to TikTok coins, based on this amount of coins you can make money from here.

Create effects that attract viewers

When surfing through a TikTok livestream, if the viewer sees a high livestream, viewers will be excited to access that livestream because they think this live video is definitely very good or has an attractive promotion for users. This effect will help attract crowds to make many people watch, thereby increasing the number of TikTok livestream eyes.


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